Clark Properties is widely considered to be the leading local authority on the adaptive reuse of fallow sites in economically distressed areas. In conjunction with a specialized team of associates and subcontractors, Clark Properties focuses on taking major redevelopment projects from inception to completion. It then manages them with ongoing concern. Some of our Commercial Real Estate Services are outlined below.

Site Selection

Based on your needs, we can search the market for available properties, identify candidates, conduct a comparative analysis of sites relative to access, visibility, infrastructure, zoning, incentives, price, development costs, etc., and make recommendations regarding the best site for your project.

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Site Planning & Utilization Analysis

We can plan your project to meet your needs, make maximum use of your site and increase its marketability in the future.

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Feasibility Studies

If you have land or building under consideration, Clark Properties can analyze its feasibility relative to your needs and desired use combined with an analysis and evaluation of the area, site, structure and market.

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Financing and Economic Incentives

Clark Properties can handle your financing needs, review your project, analyze your needs, identify public incentives, structure your financing package and acquire the best possible package of loans, grants and other incentives to fund your development.

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Valuation Analysis

We can evaluate your prospective property relative to the market, your development plans and the cost of achieving your goals.

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Zoning Liaison and Permitting

The strong government and development experience of the Clark team can help you surmount zoning hurdles and expedite permitting.

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Environmental Assessment and Remediation

You can benefit from Clark Properties’ 15 years of experience in redeveloping contaminated property to identify, analyze and evaluate a contamination problem, formulate a remediation plan that minimizes cost and maximizes development, win EPA approval and execute a plan according to EPA standards.

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Demolition and Construction

Whether your project is a new development or a redevelopment of an existing property, Clark Properties’ expertise in demolition and construction can create significant savings and deliver your project at the lowest possible cost.

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Brokerage and Property Management

Clark Properties manages more than 3 million square feet of property and two large business parks and is positioned in the middle of the St. Louis marketplace. You can take advantage of these assets to make your project a success.

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